Compliance with the CT OSHA Bill #6553

If you’re a fire department or EMS agency aiming to comply with CT State Bill No. 6553, we have the ideal solution for you. Our OSHA training courses not only guarantee complete compliance with the new CT OSHA bill but also offer a range of added benefits. With MissionCIT, you’ll not only experience effective and convenient OSHA training but also have access to audit-ready record-keeping OSHA certification online courses anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, our cost-effective firefighter or EMS add-on programs further enhance your preparedness. For a glimpse of what we offer, watch our video!

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What are the OSHA Regulations for Fire Departments?

  • Providing firefighters with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as helmets, turnout gear, boots, gloves, and eye protection.
  • Having a Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) response plan and training firefighters to handle HAZMAT incidents.
  • Implementing an Emergency Operations Planning (EOP) for effective emergency response.
  • Using the Incident Command System (ICS) to manage emergency situations.
  • Ensuring fall protection for firefighters working at heights.
  • Providing hearing protection for firefighters exposed to loud noise.
  • Offering respiratory protection for firefighters exposed to hazardous substances.

What are the OSHA Services available from missioncit?

  • PPE Training
  • HAZMAT Response Plans
  • Emergency Operations Planning
  • Incident Command Training
  • Online and Hybrid OSHA Courses through the MissionCIT LMS, Including HAZCOM, LOTO, Airborne, Bloodborne and HAZMAT Incident Commander

What industries does MissionCIT serve?

  • Fire Departments (Career, Combo & Volunteer)
  • EMS Agencies
  • Oil & Gas
  • Large Industrial Operations

Our Training Programs

OSHA Compliance

OSHA training that covers all relevant standards and guidelines
  • Comply effortlessly with OSHA regulations with our annual program
  • Accessible online course for convenience and flexibility
  • OSHA Certification awarded to all participants
  • With our intuitive Learning Management System (LMS), you can effectively monitor progress
  • With our system, chiefs can stay updated with real-time reports on firefighter progress'

All-in-one Fire

Complete Firefighter Training and OSHA Compliance Program
  • All the features of our annual OSHA training program
  • Monthly in-person skills training sessions for up to 8 hours
  • Train the trainer sessions to develop future instructors
  • Conveniently held either at your department's location or at one of our fire school partners
  • Fully customizable hybrid program

All-in-one EMS

Complete EMS Training and OSHA Compliance Program
  • All the features of our annual OSHA training program
  • National Registry Certified Custom Content
  • Hybrid Course Structure with online & in-person training sessions
  • In-person training, strategically coordinated with shift timing to minimize work schedule disruptions
  • Paperwork and administrative overhead handled for you

All-in-one Fire and EMS

Complete EMS and Firefighter Training and OSHA Compliance
  • All the features of our annual OSHA training compliance program
  • All the features of our annual All-in-one Fire program
  • All the features of our annual All-in-one EMS program

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