MissionCIT Team

Captain Peter Morotto
Captain Peter MorottoFounder | Fire Service Practice[email protected]
Peter Morotto leads the MissionCIT Fire Service Training Practice while serving as a recruiting coordinator for the CT fire academy and is an adjunct instructor for both the Fairfield and Wolcott fire schools... click on name for full profile
Jason Decremer, PhD
Jason Decremer, PhDFounder | Testing & Strategy Practice[email protected]
Jason is the director of Certification for ... responsible for over 40 levels of national certification testing.... click on name for full profile
Lt. Jeff Pinckney
Lt. Jeff PinckneyFounder | All-in-One Practice[email protected]
A Paramedic and Fire Service Lieutenant, Jeff holds CT EMS-I instructor certifications in numerous EMS disciplines ... click on name for full profile
Victoria Benoit, RN, EMS-I
Victoria Benoit, RN, EMS-IFounder | EMS Practice[email protected]
Tori Benoit is a passionate Nurse, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and educator. She has spent the better part of two decades working in and teaching emergency medicine along with community health and wellness. ... click on name for full profile
Warren Fisher
Warren FisherFounder | CEO[email protected]
Warren currently serves as full-time CEO while guiding the technology and content development platforms for MissionCIT. ... click on name for full profile.
Dr. David J. Hendricks, MD
Dr. David J. Hendricks, MD Executive Staff | Medical Advisor[email protected]
Dr. Hendricks is board certified in emergency medicine by the American Board of Emergency Medicine and board-eligible for certification in addiction medicine ... click on name for full profile.
Chief Rob Clemons
Chief Rob ClemonsExecutive Staff | Testing & Strategy Practice[email protected]
Chief Rob Clemons has over 32 years of career experience and eight years of volunteer experience in fire and rescue services. He is an instructor for the International Association of Fire Chiefs... click on name for full profile
Carina Fischer, MS.Ed.
Carina Fischer, MS.Ed.Executive Staff | Testing & Strategy Practice[email protected]
Carina is a certified school psychologist with over 13 years of experience with psycho-metric evaluations and counseling. As part of her work, cognitive and personality assessment ... click on name for full profile.
Mark Waters, M.S., EFO
Mark Waters, M.S., EFOExecutive Staff | Testing & Strategy Practice[email protected]
Mark is a Battalion Chief/ Shift Commander for the City of New London Connecticut Fire Department and a Program Planner with the Connecticut Fire Academy. He is and is currently responsible for the curriculum development and administration of all the Fire officer programs the academy... click on name for full profile.
Victor Korman
Victor KormanEMT Instructor[email protected]
Victor works as an EMT in Fairfield County, with experience including commercial and municipal services, as well as participating in federal disaster responses. Additionally, Victor has trained in EMS specialties such as tactical care and hazardous materials. He is currently studying to be a paramedic. After several years of working in the field, Victor is excited to teach students as an assistant EMS instructor for MissionCIT.
    Jordan Clemons
    Jordan ClemonsGIS Analyst | Testing & Strategy Practice[email protected]
    Mr. Clemons has extensive experience as a GIS Analyst. Mr. Clemons has worked for municipal government and private sector organizations. He currently works as a Senior Market/GIS Analyst for Dollar General Corporation for which he has earned several corporate awards and recognition for his comprehensive use of ArcGIS Pro for data analysis and surveying.