MissionCIT Executive Team

Captain Peter Morotto
Captain Peter MorottoFounder | Fire Service Practice[email protected]
Peter Morotto leads the MissionCIT Fire Service Training Practice... click on name for full profile
Lt. Jeff Pinckney
Lt. Jeff PinckneyFounder | EMS-I & Fire Instructor[email protected]
A Paramedic and Fire Service Lieutenant, Jeff holds CT EMS-I instructor certifications in numerous EMS disciplines ... click on name for full profile
Jason Decremer, PhD
Jason Decremer, PhDFounder | Testing & Strategy Practice[email protected]
Jason is the director of Certification for ... responsible for over 40 levels of national certification testing.... click on name for full profile
Warren Fisher
Warren FisherFounder | CEO[email protected]
Warren currently serves as full-time CEO ... click on name for full profile.