About MissionCIT

MissionCIT provides EMS education, Fire-related training, assessment, and professional services for public safety, focusing on the Fire Service.  We augment a Fire Department’s capabilities as a strategic partner.

Our Vision is to be the National leader for public safety strategy, education, assessment, and training management services utilizing professionalism, knowledge, and tools to create a sustainable learning environment and system for communities of all sizes.

Training For First Responders

MissionCIT is a training platform founded by and for first responders. CIT is an acronym for Critical Immersive Training. MissionCIT offers training services, publishes internal and 3rd party content, along with a technical platform for hybrid learning.

We deliver our courses online and through accredited educational entities including fire schools, local and regional fire departments, military schools, and community colleges. End users include firefighters, EMS personnel, military, and public safety.

The platform enables students to sign up for courses with hybrid content through our educational institution partners or directly on our site. The student may take available courses online when convenient, attend virtual study sessions with the course instructor, and schedule skills sessions in a physical classroom setting.

Fire Service Entry and Promotional Testing

MissionCIT is changing the game in fire service promotional testing. MissionCIT has added to its technical platform the most advanced and secure testing capabilities now available for fire service testing.

Combined with innovative test development and delivery expertise, we are able to provide secure, unbiased, content-rich exams that fairly assess the candidates’ abilities per the objectives.

We produce written and oral examinations that must pass an exhaustive compliance review before being administered. We carefully craft our written and oral examination questions to target our client requests based precisely upon an established reading list, policies, and collective bargaining agreements.

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