EMS Care | Chapter 109 | Child Abuse


Child Abuse

EMS Care  | Child Abuse starts with an introduction to this course. The course is intended for front-line health responders to be aware of, identify and report suspected cases of child abuse. The topics covered are 

  • Lesson 1: Recognizing and Responding to Child Physical Abuse
  • Lesson 2: Child Physical Abuse – Specific Injuries
  • Lesson 3 :

Excerpts from the Course

This slide shows the leg of an older child that has multiple patterned injuries in a localized region of the body, the left lower extremity. Notice that there are bruises and superficial lacerations or abrasions, sometimes within the same mark. Depending on the force of the impact there might be a bruise or contusion or with enough force, there might be shearing of the skin leading to loss of the skin’s integrity. These marks are an example of “loop” patterned marks and are from a folded linear implement like a cord, wire or flexible belt. These marks indicate that there were multiple impacts with the object. The flexibility of the object is indicated by the way that it wraps around the curved contour of the leg. Even if you aren’t sure about exactly what implement was used, it should be obvious that this pattern is not consistent with marks from typical activities in a child.

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

EMS Care | Chapter 109 | Child Abuse

Lesson 1 – Recognizing and responding to child physical abuse00:08:01
Lesson 2 – Child Physical Abuse –Specific Injuries00:13:40
Lesson 3A – Mimics of Child Physical Abuse | Part A00:08:05
Lesson 3B – Mimics of Child Physical Abuse | Part B00:08:06
Lesson 4 – Orthopedic Aspects of Child Abuse00:14:27

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