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Before you Start

  • Recommend you have Grammarly (free) installed on your PC

After you login to the console,

  • Type in Polly for the “find services” you are looking for.
  • Select Amazon Polly
  • Be sure your region is N. Virginia (upper bar – right side)

Setting up Polly – must do this every time you enter

  • Center left:  Select the “Engine” – should be ‘Neural’
  • Select the Language and Region
    • For Missah
      • English, UK – Amy
    • For Justin
      • English, US – Matthew

Using Polly:

  • Copy the text you have written into the ‘Plain Text’ Box
    • Press Clear text first
    • Then copy and paste
    • Look for Grammarly edits and accept what makes sense
  • Listen and adjust
    • Press Listen to speech
    • Edit as makes sense
    • Be sure to insert commas (,) when the speech is too fast, or needs a break.
    • Be sure to keep the text in your ‘word’ doc synced with the changes you make – and that the final ‘word’ text for the slide matches the speech
  • Produce the audio
    • After you are satisfied with the audio, press ‘download mp3’
    • The file will be in your download folder
    • Copy it to the folder you have created for the lesson – see file administration below
    • Rename to chXX_slide_YY_ZZ_audio – will be an .mp3 file
      • XX = chapter number – 08 in this case
      • YY = slide number – for the entire course
      • ZZ = slide number – for the lesson

Updating the PowerPoint

  • Administration of files
    • For each lesson, create a separate folder under the chapter – look at Day2_Topic_2_emscare_ch30_Patients…  for examples
      • Day2-Topic_7_emscare_ch08_Pharmacology
        • Lesson Folder:  Ch08_slide_44_51 (example – starts at slide 44 – ends at slide 51)
        • As you produce each slide – use the format as above
      • Once all the audio files are produced – be sure to copy them to Amazon WorkDocs
  • Updating the PowerPoint
    • After the audio is produced for all the slides in the lesson, they need to be inserted in the slides
    • In the PowerPoint for the Course
      • Copy the Audio text into the slide notes section (recommend you do this as you are creating the audio so you have a backup to the ‘word’ doc in the PowerPoint
      • Insert the Audio into the slide
        • In the PowerPoint Menu Bar – Select Insert
        • In the Media section (on the far right usually) – select Audio à Audio on my PC
        • Select the file on PC – double click
        • Play it to be sure it is correct
        • Reduce the size of the ‘speaker icon’ to where it fits in the lower left hand quadrant of the guide bars – about ¼ original size
        • Move the icon to just under the EMS Care logo in the upper right hand corner of the slide
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