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Position:  Staff to assist in the development of on-line, hybrid, and distance learning courseware for the EMS and Fire Service Communities.

Contact:  Warren Fisher | wfisher@missioncit.com | 917-362-1111


MissionCIT (Critical Immersive Training) is a training company for first responders. Our purpose is to provide timely, convenient access to engaging content, relevant courseware, and the finest instruction.  Our students receive certifications and continuing education credits.  Our courses are accredited by the American Heart Association and CT Department of Public Health.

We are a new company with a highly respected and experienced training staff. We have developed our first certified courses.  And are now in the process of building additional on-line courses for the EMS community.  Our innovative course technology uses VR, AI, and Text to Speech capabilities to create engaging training experiences.

Much of this courseware currently used in this community was developed 10-25 years ago and in need of updating, modernization, and re-thinking for compelling online learning.

Here is the challenge:  We need individuals to:

  • Evaluate current curriculums for relevance, appropriateness, and content
  • Build new content, graphics, and courseware with guidance from top instructors.
  • Create training instruction and content that will be delivered online. One hour of online content requires 40-60 hours of development.
  • Develop skills using a web-based Learning Management System
  • Develop tests and quizzes reflecting the courseware you develop.
  • Learn and use advanced skills in PowerPoint, YouTube and AWS text to speech
  • Want to be challenged, learn a lot, and make a difference. And have a lot of fun with our team.

Candidates will ideally have the following skills and interests:

  • An interest in supporting and enhancing the First Responder community
  • MS office proficiency in PowerPoint and Word.
  • Ability to write in full sentences, communicate coherently, and work with tools that enhance writing and grammar.
  • Learn how to use Text to Speech, and possibly additional AWS platform tools.
  • EMS or Medical Industry interest or training.
  • Using conceptual skills to imagine, build, and communicate.


  • Requirements: Must have own laptop | computer, and access to the internet.  Preferably 2 screens.
  • Location:   Will meet via Zoom, and potentially in person as social distancing guidelines permit.  Offices are in Tolland, CT.
  • Duration: We are developing hundreds of hours of courseware.  If you are good and enjoy the challenge, we have work for the foreseeable future.
  • Compensation: Ability to join a new company on the ground floor.  We can discuss further during the interview process.
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MissionCIT provides EMS education, Fire-related training, assessment, and professional services for public safety, focusing on the Fire Service.