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Building a MissionCIT Online Course involves over 20 steps.  Individuals may be involved in some or all of the parts.  We will review each of the steps in detail in the documentation.

1. Reference Sources:
2. Standards for file names:

A Topic may have 80-150 slides broken up in 5-10 lessons.  Standards are provided for naming and organization of the different file types.

3. Course Organization:

Standards for the organization of lessons and sub-lessons.  The objective is that no lesson should be more than 15 slides or 15 minutes in length.

4. Production Plan:

Planning the development of a course from start to finish.

5. Tools:

The tools we use for development.

6.  Intellectual Property:

How to protect MissionCIT Intellectual Property on all published materials

7. Syllabus:

Building the story outline compliant with standards.

8. Building the slides:

Formats, standards, slide text versus content text.

9. Adding the pictures:

Telling the story in pictures as well as words.

10. Research the content:

Identifying the content for each slide to tell the story.

11. Update the pictures:

As the story builds, often new images to better match the story is needed

12. Using Sumerian for intro videos or special scenes:

Writing text for the avatars

13. Audio text for slides:

Writing for text to speech for each voice/avatar

14. Building the Sumerian Video:

for trained technical staff

15. Text to Audio:

Using Amazon Polly to create the audio file

16. Adding the Audio to the slide:

Adding audio and video to the slides

17. Slide Transitions:

Adding interest via slide transitions.

18. Building the Video from PowerPoint.

Creating a video file ready to upload to YouTube.

19. Creating Youtube Video:

Using the MissionCIT channel, uploading the video, adding closed captions

19a. Adding closed captions
19b. Using H5P to add interactions to the video
20. Creating the Tutor Lesson:

All the steps from Creating a course, Adding Topics, and adding the lesson:

20a. Using Popup Anywhere to add inline text
20b. Creating eText attachment
21. Marketing Considerations:

Understanding SEO, managing introduction content.

22. Testing

Organizing the testing.  Updating as needed.

23. Publishing the materials to the knowledge base
  • Dates, Versions, Contributors, Authors
  • PowerPoints
  • AWS Polly Text
  • Published documents
    • eText
    • Closed Caption Upload
    • Popup Text
24. Approvals, Release, Changelog
  • Documenting Approvals
  • Release
  • Creating a Changelog for the course
24. Maintenance

Managing updates, versions, changelog.

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