Firefighter Training and Drill Night Programs

Elevate your firefighting skills with our comprehensive training and drill night program! Whether you’re a seasoned firefighter seeking to enhance expertise or a new recruit learning new methods, our courses provide the knowledge, techniques, and hands-on experience to excel in emergencies. With customizable annual curricula and a range of in-person and hybrid courses, we prioritize practical drills, teamwork, and critical decision-making. Check out our video for a preview of what we offer and get ready to level up your department’s firefighting abilities!

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Our Training Programs

OSHA Compliance

Covers all relevant OSHA standards and guidelines
  • Comply effortlessly with OSHA regulations with our annual program
  • Accessible online course for convenience and flexibility
  • Certificates of completion awarded to all participants
  • Track progress with our easy-to-use Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Chiefs get real-time reports on firefighter progress

All-in-one Fire

Complete Firefighter Training and OSHA Compliance Program
  • All the features of our annual OSHA program
  • Monthly in-person skills training sessions for up to 8 hours
  • Train the trainer sessions to develop future instructors

  • Conveniently held at your department's location or at one of our fire school partners
  • Fully customizable hybrid program

All-in-one EMS

Complete EMS Training and OSHA Compliance Program
  • All the features of our annual OSHA program
  • National Registry Certified Custom Content
  • Hybrid Course Structure with online & in-person training sessions
  • In-person training coordinated with shift timing to minimize work schedule disruptions
  • Paperwork and administrative overhead handled for you

All-in-one Fire and EMS

Complete EMS and Firefighter Training and OSHA Compliance
  • All the features of our annual OSHA compliance program
  • All the features of our annual All-in-one Fire program
  • All the features of our annual All-in-one EMS program

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MissionCIT provides EMS education, Fire Service Training, Entry & Promotional Testing, and Professional Services for public safety, focusing on the Fire Service.

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