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2020 Fall EMT Initial Course | ECFS Session 2


Oct 17 2020 - Dec 12 2020


See skills session times below, distance learning times to be provided
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm



2020 Fall EMT Initial Course | ECFS Session 2

Eastern CT Fire School (ECFS) and MissionCIT offer the following fully accredited Hybrid EMT Initial course.  This 2020 Fall EMT Initial Course | ECFS Session 2 includes:
  • Human anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology
  • Patient Assessment, treatment, and emergency care
  • Patient Transportation
  • Interactive online courses available 24/7
  • Scheduled live distance learning sessions
  • Scheduled live online group study sessions
  • Three (3) skills sessions plus a final skills evaluation
2020 Fall EMT Initial Course | ECFS Session 2 | Skills Sessions:
  • 7-Nov-2020 | 12noon to 6pm
  • 21-Nov-2020 | 12noon to 6pm
  • 12-Dec-2020 | 12noon to 6pm
  • Final Skills Practical | 12-Dec-2020 | 6p to 8pm
Contact ECFS or MissionCIT to sign up –
Payment Options:  Book the event below and:
  • Pay online using your credit card – Select Pay now via Stripe
  • Select “Please Invoice me” and we will send an electronic invoice via Square – you can pay online, or send a check.  If your department is paying, you can forward it to the appropriate person, and advise us so we can follow-up.  We will give you access to the online course when you sign up.  Full payment is required when the first skills session begins.  Contact MissionCIT if special arrangements are required.
  • Note 1:  you can book more than one person for the course at one time.  You do need to fill in the information for each student.
All Classroom sessions will be via Distance Learning
  • You will receive schedules from the Instructor that include times and the assigned MissionCIT Virtual Classroom for class instruction.  Times are usually in the evening hours.
  • There will also be a dedicated MissionCIT Classroom including breakout rooms, set up for just this course for virtual study sessions with other students.
All Classroom and Skills Certification sessions will be at:
  • ECFS: 1 Fire School Rd, Willimantic, CT 06226
  • Social Distancing Protocols fully observed!
This is the full Initial New EMT course!  All fees are included.

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