How the Course Works

The course works as follows:

Each Chapter of the course is a ‘Topic’.  The key information is then organized into a series of lessons comprised of study material, flashcards and tables as appropriate.  Optional Quizzes are also available to test your knowledge.

When Flashcards are available, press the ‘FLASHCARDS’ link in the lesson.  When complete, press the  ‘Back to Lesson’ link at the bottom of the flashcards page.

When the audio link is available, press the play button if you like.  You can mute, change volume, skip to a different part of the audio or return to the beginning.

  • Play:  press the ‘play button’ to the right of the speaker
  • Mute:  press the ‘speaker’ to ‘grey’ it out
  • Volume:  click on the vertical bars to the right of the speaker
  • Skip to place in audio:  click on the content bar at where you want to play
  • Return to start:  Double left arrow 
  • Pause:  Press ‘pause double vertical bar’

You can return to the lesson and flashcards as many times as you like.  You can also take the quizzes as often as you like.

To go to the next lesson – click next at the bottom of each lesson.  Or to go to the “previous” lesson, click previous.  Or use the left column to select whatever Topic or Lesson you would like to review.