MissionCIT Partners with Strategic Fire Service Consulting

MissionCIT Partners with Strategic Fire Service Consulting to offer Fire Service Departments with Strategic Planning, Recruitment & Retention Strategies, Grant Preparation and Accreditation Preparation. The company offers Strategic Fire Service Consulting clients with EMT training for firefighters and EMS staff.

About Strategic Fire Service Consulting | Fire and EMS Consulting

Strategic Planning for Fire Service enables fire service departments to seek to bring their organizations to the next level. So, part of this process requires a Needs Assessment identifying areas in need of development. Consulting staff develop a strategic plan for the department. As a result, meeting the needs of internal and external stakeholders within the community. Recruitment and Retention Strategies: First, SFSC works with fire service departments seeking strategies to expand member enrollment. Then, increasing member involvement and maximize member longevity. So, it has never been more important for fire organizations to focus on this issue. Because research now indicates that recruitment is diminishing. SFSC also develops long-term retention strategies designed to =develop a healthy fire service organization. Curriculum Development/Entry & Promotional Testing: For fire service departments seeking to begin an internal training program, or for fire service departments with an established training program looking for more innovative and cutting-edge classes. Courses that are developed are tailored to either traditional learning environments or the increasing demand for e-learning modalities. Grant Preparation: Grant writing is a daunting task in which candidates must detail the required information. First, describing why the organization is most deserving of funding. Next, clearly expressing their vision for the usage of funding. This service is available for fire departments looking to augment and distinguish their candidacy for state, federal, and/or privately funded grant opportunities.
MissionCIT EMT Training Courses
Company Officer Development: Ensuring that current and future officers are ready for the many challenges facing fire departments is essential for organizational stability and succession planning. Having your established leadership teams work cohesively is equally critical to the health of the organization.

About MissionCIT | EMT First Responder Training

MissionCIT provides training for first responders. CIT is an acronym for Critical Immersive Training. MissionCIT offers training services, publishes internal and 3rd party content, along with a technical platform for hybrid learning. Initial EMT courses are now available through Eastern CT Fire School (ECFS) and Litchfield Regional County Fire School. The company delivers courses online and through accredited educational entities including fire schools, local and regional fire departments, military schools, and community colleges. While end-users include firefighters, EMS personnel, military, and public safety. The platform enables students to sign up for courses with hybrid content through our educational institution partners or directly on our site. The student may take available courses online when convenient. As well as attend virtual study sessions with the course instructor. In addition, scheduling skills sessions in a physical classroom setting.

Embracing the Future of Fire and EMS

"Strategic Fire Service Consulting is excited to partner with MissionCIT and its network of Fire Schools and Educational Partners" says Jason Decremer, PhD and co-founder of SFSC. MissionCIT has quickly developed a reputation for engaging EMS training based on its innovative hybrid training platform for first responders. While recognizing the amazing background and experience of the SFSC team, MissionCIT co-founder Warren Fisher "knows that our fire schools and local departments will benefit from SFSC's acumen and guidance." You can reach Strategic Fire Service Consulting here for more information. Please contact MissionCIT here.

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MissionCIT provides EMS education, Fire-related training, assessment, and professional services for public safety, focusing on the Fire Service.